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Sciatica is associated with the sciatic nerve. One or both legs with the lower back are affected when this nerve does not work properly due to any internal or external reasons. When this nerve is pressed by a bone spur in the spine or by a herniated disc, a Sciatica problem occurs. In Homeopathy, Sciatica can be cured by using different types of Homeopathic medicines. These medicines are prescribed to the patient according to his or her condition.

Homeopathy Medicines for Sciatica

As we know, Sciatica is related to the sciatic nerve. Homeopathy has various types of solutions for Sciatica like Mother Tincture, Drops, Ointment(Gel). These medicines ease the sciatic nerve and counter the bad element related to the nerve. It is required that the patient must follow the given advice and avoid external factors, which are responsible for the Sciatica problem.

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