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Generally, an increment in average body temperature is called Fever. When a foreign invader enters our body our immune system counter the invader and fever occurs. Foreign invaders are viruses, fungi, bacteria, drugs, or other toxins. These foreign invaders trigger the body's immune response.  Sometimes these foreign invaders lead to the severe fever which is fatal.

Homeopathy medicine for fever

Homeopathy medicines provide safe and quick relief in fever. Common medicines like Rhus Toxicodendron, Bryonia Alba, etc. prescribed to bring down fever and provide relief in body ache and malaise. According to the fevered intensity, different homeopathy medicines are given to the patient. At YourMedKart, we provide dr reckeweg, sbl, schwabe homeopathy medicine for Fever in India.

Homeopathy medicine for cough

To buy Fever and cough regarding medicines please click on this link https://yourmedkart.com/collections/fever. If you are looking for genuine Homeopathy products please visit https://yourmedkart.comHere you can buy lots of genuine Homeopathy products of leading companies like Dr. Reckeweg, SBL, Dr. Willmar Schwabe, ADEL, Bakson,etc. We deal in different types of products like Dilutions, Mother Tincture, Bio Chemic tablets, Bio Combination tablets, Tonics, etc.  Personal care products like ointment, Drops, Shampoo, and products related to baby care.

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